Handcrafted Explainer Videos

We believe that having the ability to express what your company has to offer in a creative and succinct way is the key to success. Explainer videos are the most effective way to explain, promote and sell anything. We wrap great products and companies in engaging motion design!

When it comes to production, our priority is to ensure that your video is perfectly attuned to your company, philosophy and corporate identity. We achieve this through careful research and analysis of your company and target group.

This could be your video


We research, draw, draft and design. Handcrafted motion design concepts combined with the latest technology allow us to achieve outstanding results. Our know-how goes further than design, animation and color grading – we find creative solutions to make complex issues understandable.


We are your single source for illustration, modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, compositing, and editing. Each of these categories presents different challenges and requires extensive technical expertise and creativity, and we curate all of them in-house.


To guarantee the quality of our motion design, we structure the processes in an orderly pipeline. Once we have defined the basic concept, we focus on fine tuning. Every element is adjusted until it is perfect. We think the details make the difference.

What our customers say

Motion Squad was an excellent choice for our vector art motion graphics. They work perfectly well independently and required no follow up, they initiated everything before I had the chance. They were spot on with their deadlines and even a little early on a couple. It was a joy to work with Motion Squad and they are definitely our first choice when it comes to anything motion graphic.

Joe Tafolla - realestatewa

The Motion Squad is professional and reliable. They are reasonable and easy to work with. They produce quality work and in a timely manner that works well with the fast paced nature of today’s demanding digital marketing environment.

Jessica Kegerreis - Springboard Marketing

Videos from Motion Squad are the perfect medium to present our crowdinvesting projects on our website and on social media in a likeable, informative and engaging way. Motion Squad’s team understood the core of each project immediately and manages to visualize even complex topics in a simple way that makes it easy to remember.

Cirino Marino - transvendo

Visually driven

Our motivation has always been to produce high quality motion design, make new creative experiences, create animated video highlights and bring them together on the screen. We are driven by design and dedicated to every detail. We tell stories in moving images and develop exceptional visual experiences.

The best suits are tailor-made.

So are explainer videos.

We design an explainer video that suits your needs. In a few minutes we will explain your message – in a simple and entertaining way.

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Nobody knows your company as well as you do

At the beginning of each explainer video production, we start the conversation by understanding what makes your business different. You can show us anything – a website, presentation, or a brochure – and we deliver narration, storyboard and the finished video. An effective communication gives way to a great product.

We have experts in every field of video production and animation.

We are equipped with all the necessary tools to create anything you can imagine. We’re scripting and storyboarding the concept so you can visualize the video before it’s finished. Step by step you will see your explainer video flourish into a powerful tool for your business.

4 steps to your explainer video

Idea & Goal

In our initial conversation, we’ll ask you to tell us your idea and provide us with all the information we need to understand your business.

Together, we will determine the focus of your explainer video. We also identify the target group and narrow down the audience to the most relevant customers and address them directly.

That way your video will get people to sign up, request a demo, perk up, contact you or best of all – pay you money.

Concept & Script

The first and most important step of every production is the creation of a script.

It determines the storyline, and narration of your explainer video. You can choose a speaker of any gender, voice, age and language from our database or we can make a recommendation.

The predefined target group to which the explainer video is to be aligned is crucial here.


Now it’s time to fill your story with life.

For this we translate the script into pictures – the storyboard. This creates a first impression of the planned production. It defines the visual content, appearance and style of the explainer video. You have the opportunity to choose a style that best suits your business. Your imagination knows no bounds.

Our team is always available for consultation during this process.


In the production phase, we combine the idea, the concept and the storyboard into the final product with professional software.

Our team is made up of specialists who cover every area of 2D and 3D animation, creating your own customized explainer video. To give your video more personality perfectly tailored to the action, sounds and background music are inserted.

Your explainer video is ready! Post it on your website and social media and start converting leads to customers.

Why produce a custom explainer video?

Nowadays, explainer videos have become indispensable in the marketing of services or products and are now the most popular marketing tool in online business.

In the early stages of video marketing, quality has not played a major role. Initially, the progress in customer communication was sufficient to avoid wastelands of text. Just one click on Play and you learn all the important information about a new product or service.

Since almost every company has an explainer video by now, it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the competition. Not every video is equally unique and effective for customer acquisition. There are two ways to create an explainer video:

1. The cheap and fast one, namely a template video composed of ready-made elements and graphics

2. An individual and customized custom video that is perfectly adapted to the target audience and just looks great and professional

Both types differ greatly in price, quality and marketing success. Therefore, in the following comparison we explain the reason why a custom explanatory video is always the best choice:

The template video is cheap and fast. It is patched together from “recycled” elements, so it looks barely different from videos of competitors.

A template explainer video looks boring and monotonous. It is simply not possible with ready-made templates to focus on the desired target group or to represent its brand in a original way. Potential customers who watch the video will have no desire to continue watching after a few seconds, because it is nothing new or exciting.

There is a lack of originality and connection to the own brand. It doesn’t support your brand image either. More than that, a template explanatory video seems unprofessional and cheap. Viewers will make no distinction between the video and your brand. If the video is produced with cheap production quality, they will also connect your product with poor quality. So, a template video can do more harm than good to your business, deterring potential customers.

Only for very few cases we can recommend using template videos – For example if it is to be used only for a one-time PowerPoint presentation or needed very quickly. Also for startups that initially have little resources available, a template video can be an acceptable solution bridging the gap to first profits. However, even in this case it should be planned for a longer-term and more individual solution later on.

Conclusion: If you want to gain long term marketing success and brand awareness, a template video is never the right choice.

More time-consuming to produce, but a lot higher-quality version is the custom-made explainer video.

Perfectly adapted to your company, product or service, it is much better suited to long-term success compared to the template video.

The designs, characters and animations are created individually according to the advertising purpose and your ideas to address the desired target group. This makes it easier to build an emotional bond with the customer, help him to identify with the brand and develop trust. That’s also good for your brand image. Because a high-quality, individually produced video lets the customer subconsciously conclude to a high-quality product.

Each viewer is presented with something new and unique that is appealing and memorable. Through a detailed planning process based on perceptual psychology principles, the explainer video is adapted to the target group.

Used in a smart way, explainer videos can turn interested viewers into customers and set a company apart from the competition. The initially higher investment is quickly worthwhile in terms of increased sales.

Conclusion: For long-term success of your marketing and brand image, a custom explainer video is the best solution. Only tailor-made video can present your company professionally and address customers in a target group-oriented way.

Explainer Video FAQ

An explainer video serves to explain 1-2 minute long messages in a simple and entertaining way. The combination of text, image, music and voice over addresses different parts of the brain and makes information easy to understand and remember.

Explainer videos are the best way to convince customers of your product or service in a simple and understandable way. The visual component keeps the content of your explainer video in your customer’s memory longer than with written text. You can win over trade show visitors passing by your stand and have a better ranking on Google through video marketing. In addition, you can reduce costs if you decrease traffic to customer service representatives  with informative video material.

An explainer video is suitable for any new business who wants to convince its customers of its product / concept / service. Especially in the case of software products and abstract services, 2D animations are the best fit.

We usually deliver videos with a resolution of 1920 x 1080px (Full HD) as an MP4 file. We can output other formats and 4K resolution for your explainer video on request.

In general, we see our customers post their finished explainer video on their company website. We are happy to help in the publishing process. In addition, explainer videos open up many other marketing opportunities on platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo where the video can be distributed and shared by engaged viewers.

The easiest and fastest way is to upload your explainer video on Youtube and then integrate it into your site. After your video is ready, you will receive a snippet of code from us via email. With this code, you can easily embed your video within your website’s HTML and your explainer video is already visible to your customers and website visitors.

Yes, after the project is paid, you own all usage right of visual material created by us and you can capture stillframes from your video in jpg format and use those graphics in print media or as web images. For other required formats and graphics on transparent background, please, contact us for a custom quote.

After completion of the explainer video, you will receive all rights of use for visual content from us. If you want to broadcast your video on TV or if you want to use the speaker audio as a radio ad, please let us know. Some speakers have special prices for broadcasting their recordings. In any case, the distribution and use of video and audio material on the internet, at events, presentations and any other purpose other than broadcasting is possible without restriction.

We produce explainer video in any style you can imagine – just to name a few: Flat Design, Kinetic Typography, Low Poly Art, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics. It is important to us that each of our videos is an individual unique masterpiece. Just send us an example of a video that you like, and we will work to recreate its style.

We acknowledge that there are some video providers that charge per color. Motion Squad does not see that as an effective pricing model, or conducive to providing a high quality video. Our pricing is based on the time it takes to produce a video that can proudly represent your product and nothing else, the number of colors used in your explainer video is not limited! Your video will be made according to your wishes and to your corporate identity. For us and our pricing it doesn’t matter how many colors are used in the illustrations.

Yes, we are happy to include your existing footage. We also offer videography services on request.

In general, a 2D animated two minute long video will take approximately four to six weeks to produce. If you need your video faster, please, ask us for a quote for an express delivery.

There are two loops of revisions for each of the three milestones (Script, Storyboard and Animation) included.

Yes, you can have your explanatory video produced in multiple languages for an additional charge of € 700 per language.

Just imagine what we can do for you.
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